IBM big data… Start leveraging it now!

Whether you are in the private or public sector, now is the time to get started with IBM’s big data platform.  But, let me not get ahead of myself.  

First, for those not totally immersed in the topic of big data, what is it?

As defined by Wikipedia, “Big Data is a term applied to data sets whose size is beyond the ability of commonly used software tools to capture, manage, and process the data within a tolerable elapsed time. Big data sizes are a constantly moving target currently ranging from a few dozen terabytes to many petabytes of data in a single data set.” 

Although this defines what big data was about in it’s genesis, it does not address all of the key elements that we have to deal with in today’s world.  IBM defines big data by the following 3 (V’s) attributes: 

Variety:  Manage the complexity of multiple relational and non-relational data types and schemas 

Velocity:  Streaming data and large volume data movement 

Volume:   Scale from terabytes to zettabytes 

The objective:  Extracting insight from an immense volume, variety and velocity of data, in context, beyond what was previously possible.

IBM provides a platform to handle the 3 V’s of big data and delivers a platform to enable creative new discovery.

We handle the big data needs of the following users:

Below are a few of the Business Partners supporting our platform:

If you are a customer, now is a great time to start a Proof of Concept (POC), around IBM big data.  For Business Partners download our products today and get started with your integration. Or develop a practice around our big data platform if you are a systems integrator.    

Some links to get you started: 

IBM big data microsite: 

GPFS file system – Coming to a theater near you via IBM InfoSphere BigInsights 

Training on InfoSphere BigInsights 

Get LinkedIn – IBM big data group

 IBM big data channel on YouTube

Other deliverables:



The Value of BigInsights WhitePaper


BigInsights WP IMB14103-USEN-00

At the end of the day, big data is the game changer. Through BIG DATA Exploration and Discovery, Solve Complex Problems and Gain Insight Never Thought Possible!    

 “If I have seen farther it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton


Happy 10th Anniversary for Informix!

As my daughter reminded me that it is fireworks time again, due to the 4th of July here in the U.S., I reflected on that fact that important milestones should not be taken for granted. It is with that mind set I look back over the last ten years, since IBM acquired Informix.  

Let’s start with the people first.  The Informix community is made up of people inside and outside of IBM.  Inside IBM I had the chance to first start working with Jerry Keesee back in 2004, when Janet Perna (GM of Information Management) asked me to focus on the Informix business and grow it.  At first glance, Jerry seemed very intense. Although very accustom to intense people from growing up in NY, I was not expecting it from someone in the mid-west.  That said Jerry has a great style and is a very welcoming individual.  I appreciate Jerry’s vast knowledge of the Informix business.  Jerry also offers his friendship to those that earn it, which is a disappearing deed in today’s business world. Outside of IBM I had the chance to get to know Stuart Litel (President of the IIUG) when I joined the IIUG board back in 2005.  Stuart is a character and marches to his own drummer (another rare feat these days).   Stuart defines passion in context to Informix around the world (ok, maybe the Red Sox too :>).  He provides insight into what is happening in the Informix community and still runs the IIUG to this day.  When working side by side with Stuart one is never bored. 

In regards to the technology, what can I say that I have not said over the last seven years? Informix is great database technology!  It is used by many of the top companies and governments around the world.  Informix continues to have a bright future and I look forward to see what growth will occur over the next ten years.  I would like to thank the entire Informix community for the last ten years!  Onward and upward! 

“In business, I’ve discovered that my purpose is to do my best to my utmost ability every day. That’s my standard. I learned early in my life that I had high standards.” – Donald Trump

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