Discussion on New Pricing and Packaging for Informix – Dated Material, Please Read Below

Many of you have heard about and/or seen our new pricing and packaging for Informix. The formal announcement went out on May 25th.  I wanted to give folks a chance to digest the changes and reflect on them.  As most of you have come to realize these changes are a win win for Business Partners, Customers and Informix. 

For Business Partners it gives you the opportunity to go after the market in different ways, sell more and have a lower price of entry for target customers to get them on board with Informix. 

For customers it gives you the chance to start those additional projects and/or add to the ones you have going on in a simplified and less expensive way. Or maybe it’s about utilizing features that are now included in the new packaging that cost extra before. The sky is the limit!  


NewPricingFAQ-Customer-May28 2010



More info:

IM PW home page


Informix PW home page


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