IBM Big Data Success Stories – Client References and Big Data Business Partners

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See you at the IBM Information OnDemand (IOD) Conference in Las Vegas this week – And yes, Big Data will be a hot topic!

It is that time of year again; our IBM IOD conference is upon us.  I hope to see many of you there in attendance.  With over 10,000 people attending and some great sessions planned, it should be a valuable experience for everyone (Business Partners, Customers and IBMers).    

What is my predicted buzz at the conference this year?  What else, Big Data.  I mean what else could be bigger then Big Data, since it already has Big in its name. 

I will be kicking off the Big Data sessions with my talk on Sunday for Business Partners, from 2:15pm to 3:15pm.  Below I have included other key Big Data sessions you may want to attend while you are at IOD.

Big Data Sessions at IOD 

I would encourage Business Partners and Customers to raise your hands and ask questions about our Big Data Platform and strategy.  Talk to one another and get views on this exciting area. 

Safe travels and see you in Las Vegas!

BTW it is never too late to attend the conference it runs from October 23 – 27.  See the link below for more info.

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