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A quick introduction: my name is Bruce Weed and I work at IBM, where I’m responsible for leading strategic direction around the Informix business as well as leading Information Management Business Partner strategy, enablement and marketing.

I created this blog to share thoughts, experiences, and conversations about Informix and Information Management channels. Information management is instrumental to all business successes, not to mention net new businesses that are created and provide value by managing information. The question now becomes in today’s environment how to do this in a reliable, low cost, and hassle free way.

It’s an exciting time to be in this space, and I’m energized by working with leading organizations that are creating and implementing  breakthrough business solutions by leveraging information management as the under lying technology.  

I hope to share some of that excitement with you here and spark a dialog on what Information Management can do and where it’s going. I hope that you’ll join me on the journey!

Parallels in Informix and the Olympics

As I watched some of the winter Olympics recently, I realized just how amazing Shaun White is in his sport of Snowboarding.  He really does far exceed anyone else in Snowboarding. The dude (and yes he is a dude) flies high in his halfpipe maneuvers (watch out low flying aircraft!).  He has participated in two Winter Olympics in his career. At both the 2006 Winter Olympics and 2010 Winter Olympics, White won gold in the Snowboard halfpipe event. If you have not seen him in action go onto YouTube and enjoy! 

What people may not realize is that he is also an outstanding professional skateboarder.  So, you must be asking by now, where the heck does Informix fit into this discussion.  Well, I am getting to that, but back to Shaun White for one more minute.

Shaun is know more for his snowboarding by most people, because it is an Olympic event, but it is also because Shaun decide to “major” on that sport vs. skateboarding. Smart choice Shaun, who wouldn’t like to make millions in endorsements (excuse me while I take a drink of my Red Bull).    

Informix database software is being used in many ways and by companies that range from very small to Fortune 100.  But, like Shaun White, why not leverage key strengths, competitive advantages and the marketplace to help focus the Informix business around large growth opportunities, such as key industries, mid-market and deep embed OEM?  At the end of the day, Shaun’s great snowboarding ability takes nothing away from his skateboarding acrobatics.  Stay tuned for my next blog, where I will explore this line of thinking in more detail.  But, for now my Red Bull is gone and it is time to hit the slopes and try my luck at snowboarding. 

Inspiration, it’s a beautiful thing!

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