New Verision of InfoSphere BigInsights: IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Enterprise Edition V1.2

IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Enterprise Edition V1.2 continues to offer rapid exploration of big data by creating distributed jobs capable of running on clusters of computers. This infrastructure can be used to tackle very large data sets by breaking the data into chunks and coordinating the processing of the data across a massively parallel environment, with inherent resilience and fault tolerance.

Once the raw data has been stored across the nodes of a distributed cluster, follow-up queries and analysis of the data can be handled efficiently, with dynamic interpretation of the data format at read time.

New enhancements in IBM Infosphere BigInsights Enterprise Edition V1.2:

  • Text analytics development tooling – A development environment for developing text analytics rules. Key features include rule editor and configurations for syntax highlighting, result viewers to visualize extractor results, and provenance viewer to trace the lineage of extractor results, and assists in identifying imprecise rules.
  • Spreadsheet style data discovery, exploration, and prototyping – A data discovery tool that can be used to discover insights into your business intelligence data. Key features include web-based visualization and analytics of massive amounts of data with a familiar spreadsheet-like environment, and an interactive editing environment for creating, extracting, transforming and visualizing data.
  • Integration capabilities – IBM InfoSphere Warehouse, IBM DB2®, and Netezza integration to allow data transfer that leverages.

IBM InfoSphere BigInsights can be used with other IBM products for advanced analytics and a more comprehensive information strategy. It lets you combine traditional data warehouse analysis with dynamic insights from unstructured and semi-structured data, enabling a more complete view of the business not possible before. Combined with IBM InfoSphere Streams and IBM InfoSphere Warehouse, it can extend analysis to encompass information-in-motion and information accumulated over a long period of time.

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