Rolling Thunder – Informix 11.7 Strikes Again

Informix 11.7 is introducing more innovation to delight Clients and Business Partners. The two new additions are the Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition and Informix Genero.

Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition Details

The “Informix Warehouse Accelerator” accelerates select queries, with unprecedented response times, using a columnar database structure.

  • Performance:  Unprecedented response times to enable ‘train of thought’ analysis frequently blocked by poor query performance
  • Integration & Transparency: Connects to Informix through deep integration providing transparency to all applications
  • Self-managed Workloads & Simplified Administration: Queries are executed efficiently using hands-free operations, eliminating many database tuning tasks

Do you have performance-bound queries? Are you looking for a blazing-fast, mixed-workload, low cost warehouse solution?

Look no further!

In summary, the IBM Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition is capable of accelerating warehouse queries up to 300X, at the same time it lowers data warehouse costs. This product is also an ideal upgrade path for XPS and Red Brick customers. This is available as a new license sale or a “trade-up” to existing Informix customers.

Informix Genero Details

Informix Genero is an offering that will complement existing Informix 4GL by allowing users to deploy existing and new applications in browser-based, GUI desktop, mobile and cloud environments.

Who is this offering for:

  • Customers who want to move “as-is” legacy 4GL code into a web-based, GUI desktop, mobile or cloud environment without doing a complete re-write
  • Business Partners looking to expand their offerings to modern environments
  • ISVs looking to package and resell modern 4GL solutions with Informix

In summary, IBM Informix Genero helps you deploying apps faster with easy graphical tools. Informix Genero lowers development costs and improves developer productivity. Why do a complete re-write that can take years, when you can leverage IBM Informix Genero to modernize your application in days or weeks .


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

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