Vivre la France

Here is a quick summary report of an Informix event just held in France.  Informix is red hot in the geos now and this is just another proof point! 

Our customers and IBM Business Partners have enjoyed a great two day Informix event last week in our new IBM headquarters near Paris (see pictures): 

April 1st:

Informix User Group of France – led by Khaled Bentebal, CEO ConsultiX and User Group Informix France President.

– Feedback was very positive. All really appreciated to get direct information from Jerry Keesee on Informix strategy and Panther.

– They were also very interested in the presentation given by Jacques Roy on Informix + virtualization and cloud computing.

Frédéric Delest, Olivier Bourdin and Yoram Benchetrit gave technical presentations:

          o  Frédéric Delest: MACH 11

          o  Olivier Bourdin: SQL Trace + Non blocking checkpoint

          o  Yoram Benchetrit: Plugin Authentication Module (PAM)

               for Informix user authentication

Jean Michel Savelli,  CTO Corsica Ferries ( gave a very nice testimony of their long experience with Informix.

Laurent Revel – Accelerated Value Leader presented on OAT and Business Partner – Frame on IDS + Data warehouse. 

April 2nd :

Proof  Of  Technology IDS 11.50

Frédéric, Yoram, Olivier, Laurent Valenza and Laurent Revel organized technical support presentations + hands-on workshop for the Informix Proof Of Technology day

          o  Yoram Benchetrit: Informix + SSL

          o  Olivier Bourdin: Compression and External tables

          o  Frédéric Delest: BTree Scanner

 Jerry, Jacques, Olivier, Yoram, Frédéric. Thanks to all of you for making this two day event a real success. Customers have been very happy to attend and share their own experiences.

They’ve also expressed high satisfaction with the first French Informix Newsletter (contributors: Khaled Bentebal, Olivier, Yoram and Frédéric):

Teaming was excellent around this event via:

          o  Alain Szenicer, Laurent Valenza,

              Laurent Revel, Nicolas Desachy,

              Lucile Hyon-Le Gourrierec, Olivier Jouannic.

Customers are now waiting for the next Informix event!   

So, now the question for other geographies/countries, how are you stepping up? 

Viva Informix!!


“Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.”  –  Thomas Jefferson

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